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  SCI论文写作中的分数|比例|百分比|平均值|范围的英文表述 。对于非母语人士来说,写数量的语言可能是一个复杂的领域,因为短语词语(例如介词和代词)的组合很多,而且很容易混淆。下面给出的许多短语很接近,例如:接近,近似,超过一半,小于,刚好超过。

  1. 描述分数

  Over half of thosesurveyed indicated that…超过一半的受访者表示……

  Nearly half ofthe respondents (48%) agreed that …接近一半的受访者(48%)表示同意……

  Approximately half of thosesurveyed did not comment on…大约一半的受访者未对此发表评论……

  Less than a third ofthose who responded (32%) indicated that…不到三分之一的受访者(32%)表示……

  The number of first marriages in the United Kingdom fellby nearly two-fifths.初婚人数在英国下降了近五分之二。

  Of the 148 patients who completed the questionnaire,just over halfindicated that …在完成问卷的148位患者中,略超过一半的人表示...



  2. 描述比例

  Singapore hasthe highest proportionof millionaire households.新加坡的百万富翁家庭比例最高。

  The annual birth rate dropped from 44.4 to 38.6 per 1000 per annum.年出生率从每年每44.4‰下降到38.6‰

  The proportion oflive births outside marriage reachedone in tenin 1945.1945年,婚外活产的比例达到十分之一。

  Scotland hadthe lowest proportionof lone parents at only 14 percent .苏格兰的单亲父母比例最低,仅为14%。

  The proportion of the populationattending emergency departments was 65% higher in X than …X上急诊科的人口比例比…高65%。

  3. 描述百分比

  70% of those whowere interviewed indicated that …70%的受访者表示……

  Since 1981, England has experienced an89% increasein crime.1981年以来,英格兰的犯罪率增加了89%。

  The response rate was60% at six monthsand 56% at 12 months.六个月时的回应率为60%,而十二个月时的回应率为56%。

  In 1960just over 5%of live births in 1960 were outside marriage.在1960年,只有超过5%的生产是婚外生

  Returned surveys from 34 radiologists yieldeda 34% response rate.来自34位放射科医生的返回调查得出的回应率为34%。

  With each year of advancing age, the probability of having Xincreased by 9.6%(p = 0.006).随着年龄的增长,X的可能性增加了9.6%(p = 0.006)。

  The mean income ofthe bottom 20 percentof U.S. families declined from $10,716 in 1970 to …最底层20%的平均收入的美国家庭从1970年的10,716美元下降到了…

  X found that of 2,500 abortions, 58% were in young women aged 15-24,of whom 62%were …X发现,在2,500例堕胎中,有58%是15-24岁的年轻女性,其中62%是……



  4. 描述平均值

  The average of12 observations in the X, Y and Z is 19.2 mgs/m …X,Y和Z的12个观测值的平均值为19.2 mgs / m……

  This figure can be seen as theaveragelife expectancyat various ages.这个数字可以看作是各个年龄段的平均预期寿命。

  The proposed model suggests a steep declineinmeanlife expectancy…该模型表明急剧下降的平均预期寿命...

  Roman slaves probably had alower than averagelife expectancy.罗马奴隶大概过了一个低于平均预期寿命。

  The mean age of Xs withcoronary atherosclerosis was 48.3 ± 6.3 years.Xs合并冠状动脉粥样硬化的平均年龄为48.3±6.3岁。

  Mean estimated age at deathwas 38.1 ± 12.0 years (ranging from 10 to 60+ years)平均估计死亡年龄为38.1±12.0岁(范围从10到60岁以上)

  The mean scorefor X was subjected to multivariate analysis of variance to determine …X的平均得分经过方差的多变量分析以确定……

  The mean incomeof the bottom 20 percent of U.S. families declined from $10,716 in 1970 to …平均收入美国最低的20%的家庭中的比例从1970年的10,716美元下降到了……

  5. 描述范围

  Estimates of X range from 200,000 to 700,000 and up to a million or more.X的估计值范围从200,000到700,000,最大到一百万或更多。

  The respondents had practiced for an average of 15 years (range 6 to 35 years).受访者平均练习了15年(6至35年)。

  The participants were aged 19 to 25 and were from both rural and urban backgrounds.参加者年龄在19至25岁之间,来自农村和城市背景。

  Rates of decline ranged from 2.71– 0.08 cms per day with a mean of 0.97 cms per day.下降速度为每天2.71-0.08厘米,平均每天为0.97厘米。

  They calculated ranges of journal use from 10.7%–36.4% for the humanities, 25%–57% for …他们计算的人文期刊使用范围为10.7%–36.4%,人文科学使用范围为25%–57%……

  The evidence shows that life expectancy from birth lies in the range of twenty to thirty years.证据表明,出生后的预期寿命在20至30岁之间。

  At between 575 and 590 meters depth, the seafloor is extremely flat, with an average slope of …在575至590米的深度之间,海床极其平坦,平均坡度为…。

  The mean income of the bottom 20 percent of U.S. families declined from10,716to10,716to9,833.美国最底层20%的家庭的平均收入从10,716美元下降至9,833美元。

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